Anger after UCT activist ends dissertation with ‘one settler, one bullet’

UCT Cape Town – “One settler, one bullet,” is the announcement made on a UCT understudy’s paper that caused a commotion via web-based networking media after UCT bad habit chancellor Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng saluted the student on the work.

Unmistakable #FeesMustFall lobbyist Masixole Mlandu tweeted a couple of pages from his legislative issues Honors inquire about undertaking titled “The Colonizer/Colonized Dialectic: An investigate the pioneer – imperialism as a financial request of South Africa”.

The acknowledgement section thanked his mother, adviser and friends, and ended thanking the Pan-Africanist Student Movement of Azania for fighting for the emancipation of black people. It concluded: “One settler, one bullet”.

Phakeng commented: “Congratulations. dear son, on completing this paper! I would like to study it at some stage I am proud of you!”

Backlash followed as social media users including DA Student Organisation said they were shocked at the endorsement of the slogan and said they saw the comments as “vile, polarising and bordering on racism”

Phakeng removed herself from the dangers of violence in the dissertation.
“Like the VC, UCT separations itself and we don’t overlook such dialect It’s disruptive and, in our view, not useful,” UCT representative Elijah Moholola said in an announcement.

Mlandu said the remark in his exposition had done precisely what he planned, which was to begin a discussion on the pioneer impact in the public eye today.

“To be irritated by ‘one pilgrim, one projectile’ is to concur that you’re a pioneer – an exploiter,” he said.

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