Beyonce’s Dancer’ Diddi Emah Reveals How Dance Crew Saved Beyonce And Jay Z From An Attack (Watch Video)

Diddi Emah

Diddi Emah, a youthful Nigerian, is known for moving alongside American genius, Beyonce at the coachella prior this year. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, normally alluded to as Coachella or the Coachella Festival, is a yearly music and expressions celebration held in California.

Diddi as of late took to her Instagram page to share an ongoing knowledge of how Beyonce alongside the move team were nearly assaulted in front of an audience at an Atlanta appear.

She wrote:

“I wanted to curse everyone out in all the comments but I decided to tell it from my perspective. I thank God for saving everyone’s life last night in the Atlanta show. A strange man in a white shirt jumped from the audience and chased Beyonce & Jay-Z.

“No body knew if he had weapons but my beautiful dance family from Coachella, risked their lives and tried to save their bosses. I’ve seen so many comments blaming the dancers saying “they should have done more”. I am saying this- ?WE dont perform expecting things to happen like this. ??

“Would you jump in front of a knife or a bullet for your boss? I’M pretty sure the answer is no. What THESE DANCERS did shows LOVE?.I am so thankful ?? no one got injured and I pray for God to continue to cover every performer on that stage LIVING THEIR DREAMS OUT LOUD. I’m proud of you and I’m super proud of God. Love y’all- see y’all soon.”


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