Demi Lovato breaks social media silence since leaving rehab

Demi Lovato has posted on Instagram for the first time since entering rehab over the summer, in a post urging people to vote in the US midterm elections.

The 26-year-old singer entered rehab in August after being discharged from hospital following an apparent overdose at the end of July, and she has now broken her social media silence in an Instagram post which called for Americans to go and vote in the ongoing midterm elections.

Posting an image of herself at a surveying station, Demi expressed: “I am so appreciative to be home so as to cast a ballot! One vote can have any kind of effect, so ensure your voice is heard! presently go out and #VOTE!!!!”

The ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ vocalist is said to anticipate coming back to recovery with the end goal to spend whatever is left of the year in the treatment focus, and sources as of late asserted she has “really turned her life around”.

An insider said: “Demi is happy and healthy has done a complete 180 since she overdosed. Her 90 days in rehab have truly turned her life around. She wants to remain out of rehab. She has a sober coach and a complete support system.”

The source also said Demi has “dedicated herself” to a life of sobriety following several years of struggling with addiction, and is thought to be distancing herself from her old friend group who had “supported her precarious lifestyle” in the past.

They added: “Demi has struggled for so long with addiction and her friends and family couldn’t be more proud of her work. This process has been incredibly beneficial to Demi in so many ways. She is not only clean and sober but she has an entirely new lifestyle.

“[She] has dedicated herself to her sober life and has surrounded herself with people in her program. She is avoiding those in her social circle that supported her precarious lifestyle.

“Demi deserves a partner who will help her continue to live a clean life and her family and friends feel she is choosing more appropriate friends.”

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