DMPN Digital training Empowerment

Do you think Blogging is a joke?
Something only jobless and “lazy yoots” do to waste time?
Do you think social media influencing is for the jobless and unemployed, a profession that is a last resort?
Do you think Bloggers are gossips?
Timewasters who have nothing to do but feed on celebrity scandals?
Do you think that Social Media Influencers are just noise makers, and wonder if it’s an occupation worth their while?
Have you ever wondered what made Linda Ikeji Popular?
What made Laila Ijeoma leave her Banking Job after 10 years?
What made Moji Delano refuse to practice Law?
And what made Bhadooski the real the Badman?
What made Olori Supergal choose Blogging and Media as a whole?
Well, attend find out all this, and learn the tricks and thrill of the trade.
Attend DMPN Digital training and get empowered. Learn how you can use digital media to promote your business and monetize the time spent online.
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