Father locks children in darkroom for days in Cross River over witchcraft


A father of three, Mr. Patrick Effiom has bolted up his kids, age 13, 11, and 7 in a dark room in his home for quite a long time, ony feeding them with cassava pieces.

The occurrence happened at Asabanka in Idundun in Akpabuyo nearby government territory of Cross River state.

An observer, Iniobong Ekpo who lives in the area, said Effiom has been bolting up his youngsters like that for a considerable length of time and weeks sequentially.

“We discovered that whenever he wants to leave the house, he locked up his children in a dark room without food or water, they sleep there, defecate there and the man does not really care.

“Before the Basic Child Rights Initiative (BCRI) that rescued the children came, we did not really know what was going on, we only know that we see them around some times but only when their father is around but once he is out, the children will be nowhere to be found.”

Effiom, nonetheless, claimed that his youngsters are into witchcraft and had destroyed him monetarily, including that they smashed his poultry business with their witchcraft.

He said that he gave his kids cornflakes to drink since that was what he has, “I just gave them garri to drink since that is the thing that I have before I ventured out to Akwa Ibom for a congregation program.”

The presume additionally said that the youngsters from discourses are the ones who dwindled his money related fortunes and that his taxi business fizzled on account of their controls. He said the oldest among them (a young lady) admitted they were the ones behind his terrible fortune.

“The senior one who is 13 admitted to me after I had helpful discourses with her that she was the leader of the witch in the family and was in charge of my hardships and wretchedness and that she and her two kin, 11 and 7 were in charge of my destruction monetarily.

“I didn’t starve them since what I eat is the thing that I additionally provide for them, but since of my monetary inadequacy that is the reason I dropped just dry garri for them before taking off.

“I bolted them up on the grounds that at whatever point I travel or go out they generally go out and cause one inconvenience or other, so to stay away from such event I needed to bolt them up.”

Saving the kids, a child rights group, Basic Child Rights Initiative (BCRI), after neighbors alarmed them, said the kids were looking malnourished.

The Principal Council and Human Rights Activists, Barrister James Ibor said that the suspect had been bolting up the kids reliably after some time since the start of this current year.

“He locked them up without food or water inside the place he used as poultry. He claimed that they were the ones behind his misfortunes and they wrecked him financially.

“We have listened to his testimony which is highly inconsistent and incoherent. Branding children witches is a criminal offense and against the laws of our country.

“He does not deserve to be a free man because if all things are equal he should be in jail at least for two years, the law of Nigeria made provision for the protection of children from this kind of treatment.

“We will not rest until the law takes it cause, we have taken the children under our care and we shall make sure they are well taken care of and given everything they need and we are appealing to the police to carry out a thorough investigation on the matter ,” he said.

The Police Public Relations officer in the state, ASP Irene Ugbo affirmed the episode, saying that capture has been made however the man has been allowed safeguard since he a the privilege to safeguard.

“We are not finished with our examinations but rather the man was captured yet must be discharged on safeguard since he has the privilege to be conceded safeguard due to the sort of offense he conferred, yet the issue has not been shut,” she expressed.

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