Former Minister Patrick Okumu Destroys 10 Boreholes He Built Because He Lost An Election

Patrick Okumu Ringa, who lost in the as of late closed Nebbi Municipality Parliamentary race in Uganda, has destroyed all the boreholes he had sunk that have been providing water to inhabitants for as long as twenty years.

Okumu-Ringa, who is said to claim tremendous pieces of land in the district, had around 10 boreholes bored in various wards

The previous open administration state serve blamed the territory inhabitants for manhandling his liberality by not supporting his offer for MP. The way toward destroying the boreholes began on Monday and was finished up on Wednesday, three days after the decision comes about were reported.

For near 10 years, Okumu-Ringa was Padyere County MP, however lost the seat to UPC’s late David Ringecan in 2006. From that point forward, he has endeavored to make a return different races futile. Amid the NRM primaries, Okumu-Ringa lost to the new contestant, Suleiman Hashim. He, be that as it may, kept running as free, guaranteeing his thrashing amid the primaries was as consequence of apparatus.

In the ongoing race, Okumu-Ringa came third in the wake of anchoring 1,270 votes out the 9,940 aggregate votes cast. He lost to Hashim, who scored 4,283 votes, with FDC’s Robert Onega coming next with 4,159 votes in the exceedingly charged decision.

Okumu-Ringa affirmed to Sunday Vision that he had undoubtedly destroyed the boreholes, including that he had no second thoughts for his activity. He, in any case, said at a proper time, he would accommodate with inhabitants and gather the boreholes. ; “I am harmed, however I will accommodate with them. Nonetheless, for the time being, let them search for water somewhere else. Our kin are not thankful. All I needed from them was votes. I have taught such a large number of youngsters, however all they let me know is I have done nothing,” he said.

Asked whether he was harming the Government he once served, Okumu-Ringa said the Government ought to rather pay him for providing free water to residents. “I don’t figure the Government ought to be insulted. I utilized my cash to sink the boreholes, and regardless, even National Water and Sewerage Corporation doesn’t supply free water.

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