How Friend Killed Lagos Driver To Date Girlfriend

A 28-year-old transport driver, Abraham Umar, has been murdered by presumed religion individuals at Cele transport stop, in the Ijanikin region of Lagos State.

The police said the casualty was set up by his companion who was fixated on his (Abraham’s) 17-year-former sweetheart.

Abraham, otherwise known as Abi, was eating at the sweetheart’s mom’s bamboo eatery when the shooters attacked the place around 9pm on Tuesday.

They purportedly shot the Benue State indigene in the head, executing him on the spot.

A witness, who did not have any desire to be distinguished, said the shooters arrived in a gathering after Abraham, who utilized the Lagos-Badagry Expressway course, stopped his vehicle and went to eat.

He stated,

“He was with his conductor and the proprietor of the business transport when one of the shooters tapped him on the back. Another pushed him and pummeled his head against the divider. At that point one of them put a firearm to his head and shot him dead. Everyone fled.”

The casualty’s sister, Aminat Umar, while battling back tears, said Abraham’s companion, one Peter, broke the news to the family.

She clarified that the casualty had called her subsequent to stopping his vehicle around 9.21pm.

“He said he was headed home. Around 10 minutes after the fact, his closest companion, Peter, hurried to our home, saying Abi had been shot at Cele transport stop and that his cadaver had been taken to a police headquarters.

“My mom and uncle rushed to the Ijanikin Police Station, yet were informed that no one was brought there. They went to a private doctor’s facility around Cele transport stop and were again informed that the body was not conveyed to the healing center.

“The healing facility specialists said they should check the station. The police later conceded that he was there. I was informed that his conductor and the proprietor of the business transport were in the cell,” she included.

Punch reporter learnt that the expired lost his dad, a previous maritime officer, when he was scarcely six years of age.

His non-permanent dad, Muhammed Umaru, said Abraham had been accepting risk instant messages from a few men who requesting that he stop his association with Elo.

He stated,

“They instructed him to leave the young lady since she had a place with one of them.

“My child’s companion, Peter, said the young fellow behind the messages had once faced them. I was informed that the opponent was dim in composition and had dreadlocks.

“I told his close relative and uncle, who requested that the young lady avoid Abraham and furthermore cautioned him to allow Elo to sit unbothered. Be that as it may, they declined to stop the relationship.”

The expired’s uncle, Sani Umar, depicted him as delicate and agreeable.

He stated,

“He was a quiet man and never included himself in a bad position. This episode is simply heartbreaking. The issue was that the young lady he was dating had another beau who is a religion part and that was the reason he was slaughtered. We need equity; he should not bite the dust futile.”

Elo, 17, who had been captured by the police, in any case, said Abraham was her solitary sweetheart, including that she couldn’t explain why he was executed.

“He called me the previous evening (Tuesday), saying he was setting off to my mum’s shop and on the off chance that he could sit tight for me there. I said he ought not hold up in light of the fact that I was at my sibling’s place in Ajegunle and would not return that night. I disclosed to him that we were arranging my sibling’s wedding. On Wednesday when I got back home, I was told Abi had been killed. I don’t think about any risk since he didn’t educate me regarding it,” she said.

A source said faction killings were widespread in Ijanikin, including that security agents had not possessed the capacity to control the exercises of religion individuals in the territory.

He approached the police specialists to go to the guide of inhabitants.

He stated,

“The faction individuals go into houses to slaughter individuals freely. Individuals from a family are still at a doctor’s facility after they were assaulted by these young men. Two weeks prior, two young men were shot and murdered at the transport stop since they declined to discharge their telephones.”

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, CSP Chike Oti, said four suspects had been captured.

In any case, Oti noticed that Abraham’s closest companion set him up finished the 17-year-former sweetheart.

He stated,

“Abraham’s companion really liked the young lady. It got to a state of fixation as he began conversing with the man’s better half to abandon him. In any case, when he was not getting the coveted collaboration from the young lady, he set up his companion with some different folks, who murdered him.

“The issue was accounted for at the Ijankin Police Station and instantly, the state Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, requested the Divisional Police Officer to angle out the killers. Up until now, the DPO has grabbed four suspects, while the key suspect, the person who really liked the young lady, is still on the loose. We are on his trail and he can’t escape equity.”

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