How to approach a girl and not scare her away

How to approach a girl and not scare her away

Perhaps you might have watched an inexperienced guy freak out another pretty girl by simply approaching and speaking to her? A truly disheartening sight. Whenever you see such a situation, your stomach drops down. Or you may have found yourself in the skin of that guy. You arrive at the club or bar, proceed to the counter and take some shots for extra boldness, you are super excited and hyper motivated to test everything you’ve seen in that video on YouTube. You feel like you’re one of the best seducers the world has seen. And you’re ready to embody that Don Juan image. You are ready for everything.

But, in reality, you obviously we’re not ready to face the ugly truth. You tried really hard to act like that guy from a video, but the way you really acted has spoken of you like a totally insecure little kid who had lost sight of his mama at a supermarket.

The point is, when you see that YouTube video-guide on how to approach a girl and not be creepy, you actually expect that it would work with every single guy (and girl as well) and basically take it for granted. That’s not how it works. So, next time you decide to put something on it and step up to a nice lady,how to approach a girl in public to evade giving her the creeps and acting like a real macho.

1. Do not make a first touch before she can see you

Don’t get it wrong though, running up to a woman from behind may be totally okay. Yet what is not okay for sure is to touch her before she can notice your move. When you rush straight to a girl walking in front of your eyes, make absolutely sure she can see your face before you pronounce the first word and, especially, before you stretch your hand to touch her.

Any other rapid moves have a good chance to frighten her so much the last thing she would want is to join you on a private date. She cannot be sure if you’re not a thief, a rapist or a humble guy wishing to get to know her until she can take a look at your face.

2. Maintain some space

What should you do right after you’ve demonstrated her you’re not a serial killer looking for another prey? From the point of view of “skillful” pick-up masters this is the perfect time to show you are a masculine alpha male who can easily move mountains with just one hand. As a result of such a “smart” method, most guys scare the holy ghost out of women simply by intruding into their private space.

Instead of giving her shivers of fear by literally hanging over her just like a bouncer, you need to rather step up to her with a confident, yet friendly face and avoid acting too pushy. Grant her some air to breathe, so she’ll be more comfortable giving you time to say what you wish to say.

3. Avoid staring at her like a maniac

Another huge mistake hundreds of guys tend to make is to suppose that they should give a girl that “alpha dude” stare once they approach her and start a conversation. We’re not trying to say that you must be wearing that fake Hollywood smile to seduce a woman. All that needs to be said is that gazing at her with a maniac-like smirk will not be the best way to approach a girl.

4. Remember about your body language

If there’s even one thing that can make any female feel more convenient than a lad trying to embody that alpha image – it would definitely be a man who shows he is scared to death. Still, nobody says it is awful to feel a little nervous. It is absolutely normal to have the inner trembling when you attempt to talk to a beautiful woman.

However, when your mouth starts producing words at the speed of the road runner and you begin to swing your arms like an octopus on ecstasy pills, you won’t get too far. Thus, calm down. Take some deep breaths – in and out. Pay much attention at your body language.

5. Confidence in every word

It is vastly essential to act confidently. A self-confident man is not just plain attractive, but it also provides you enough courage to approach a woman you like and carry out a fine talk with her. Tuning your mind in a negative way and blaming yourself for any sort of mistakes you have made in all previous failed approaches will never help you. Instead, use that unique experience as your weapon and constantly develop yourself. Demonstrate her that you are sure of everything you say and that you don’t doubt your abilities. All females absolutely love it when men behave confidently when trying to approach them.

6. Heat her interest

Searching for an answer to “how to approach a girl without being creepy?” you certainly want to know how to keep a woman curious throughout the conversation. Well, the body language is the first indicator of her interest, still that is not all you may use to define how interested she really is. You can also keep an eye on whether she focuses her entire attention on the flow of the conversation and how actively she is talking back might be good indicators of how interested she is. It is not a monologue – she’s supposed to be contributing too!

Free and open posture, sincere smile, genuine laughter and quite easy flow of the conversation are all signs that she may be completely comfortable.

7. Get her number

If your converse is going really well, do not forget to ask for her number and make sure to call her later on. That’s an absolute must when learning how to approach a girl at a bar.

For instance: “I’d be blessed if you give me a chance to get to know you better. How about we swap phone numbers and talk later on?”. You don’t have to necessarily wait till the end of the conversation to ask for the number. Go for it right when it looks like you’ve reached a pretty powerful connection with her during the talk and she truly appears an ideal girl for you. This one’s called a “window of opportunity”. Remember to use it wisely.

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