“I Was Enjoying It, That’s Why I Didn’t Cry Out” – Missing Teenage Girl Hidden By Neighbour For Sex

A 14-year old young lady who was proclaimed missing in Lagos obscure to her parent was in reality inside their 43-year old neighbor’s house for two days and later admitted having sexual intercourse amid her period. The victim uncovered that she was confortable and that was the reason she didn’t unveil where she was regardless of the way that she knew her parents were searching for her.

The occurrence happened at Suberu Oje Avenue by Casso bus stop in Alagbado, Lagos where they dwelled.

Be that as it may, the neighbor, Mr. Olaniyi Lawal, has arrived in a bad position after he discharged the victim and she disclosed to her parents that she was with Mr. Lawal for those days and engaged in sexual relations. The issue was accounted for to the police; Lawal was captured for kidnapping and assault.

It was accumulated that the guardians endured genuine injury when the casualty vanished as they thought she had been hijacked and answered to the police.

The neighbors including Lawal and the police framed scan parties who were searching for the missing young lady until the point that she came back to her folks and uncovered what happened.

It was assembled that the guardians were furious that Lawal went along with them in scanning for the missing young lady while he kept her inside his room and misused her by having continuous sex with her. He denied stealing the casualty and guaranteed that he didn’t assault her as affirmed by her folks.

Be that as it may, the police discovered him guilty due to the age of the casualty and charged Lawal under the watchful eye of Ogba Magistrates court for the offense.

The prosecutor, Inspector Donny Raphael, educated the court that Lawal kidnapped the casualty, kept her inside his room and polluted her.

The Presiding Magistrate, Mrs. B.O. Osunsanmi, requested that Lawal be remanded in jail authority.

The court guided the prosecutor to send the document to DPP for exhortation and after that deferred till ninth September, 2018.

P.M.Express accumulated that if the DPP discovers Lawal at fault and he was attempted and discovered liable, he should spend such a significant number of years in jail for the offense.

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