Jackie Chan on being a ‘total jerk’, splurge on prostitutes

Jackie Chan

Jackie ChanJackie Chan claims he blew a lot of his fortune on prostitutes, gambling and “generous gifts”.

The 64-year-old actor blamed “insecurity and immaturity” on his behaviour in his younger years, which also saw him drive when drunk, even crashing two luxury cars in one day.

The ‘Rush Hour’ star first found success as a stuntman, which is when he started spending his money on gambling and prostitutes, in particular, one woman who he knew only as “number nine”.

In excerpts from his autobiography, ‘Never Grow Up’, obtained by DailyMail.com, he revealed: “We all knew that if something went wrong, we wouldn’t live to see the sunrise the next day. We had a short-term mentality which means recklessly spending our money.”

And when his career as an actor took off, the ‘Drunken Master’ couldn’t resist splashing the cash.

He stated: “I began to convey a lot of money consistently. After you live in neediness, money gives you a conviction that all is good.

“I like having bunches of individuals around me and each feast was with a major pack. Around 10 years prior, I burned through $2m paying for other individuals’ suppers.

“I gave out luxurious endowments as well; watches, vehicles, specially designed cowhide coats, instances of costly wine”.

Somewhere else in the book, Jackie admitted he was an “add up to twitch” in his own life, treating ladies seriously and notwithstanding tossing his little child Jaycee, now 36, over the room in an attack of anger, however the adolescent was safe.

He likewise told how he undermined his significant other Joan Lin and was so neurotic she was a golddigger when she fell pregnant, he “always thought of approaches to keep [his cash from her.”

He conceded: “I’ve not been a decent dad or a decent spouse however I performed my responsibility to my child and his mom…

“I carried on so gravely in view of my profound frailties. As far back as I was a young man I’d been looked down on by rich children.”

Jackie additionally confessed to being loaded up with “disgrace” since he can’t peruse or compose and even his boundless American Express card is unsigned subsequently.

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