Killer cook of Chief Bademosi, declared wanted

Chief Bademosi

Chief Bademosi found dead. The homicide division of the Nigeria Police Force, Lagos Command, has proclaimed the youthful Togolese who supposedly wounded Chief Ope Bademosi to death, on Wednesday, needed.

Chief BademosiChief  Bademosi, a socialite, and Chairman of Credit Switch Technology, supposedly employed the young fellow as his cook on Sunday.

Bademosi was killed in the early hours of Wednesday, at his habitation in Ikoyi, Lagos. He was allegedly found in a pool of blood, with different cut injuries. .

“When we got inside, we saw the man in a pool of blood with the volume of music increased to the largest amount,” a neighbor said.

In a meeting with a murder examination officer, a source stated: “This is exceptionally evil. Truth be told, that person must be a villain itself. He cut the man in various spots. I was the first to enter the loft.

Truth be told, the music was loud to the point that regardless of whether you were to murder 20 individuals here, nobody would hear them shout. In the wake of submitting the demonstration, the person went to the latrine and pulled off the white uniform implied for cooks he was wearing since it was altogether recolored with blood.

He likewise left the blade he utilized inside the latrine there. In the event that you see the blade, it’s an exceptionally solid, long and sharp blade that must be approved for military faculty.

A short time later, he stripped the entire condo and trucked away all resources he could lay his hands on including an untouchable total of cash, gems and the perished telephone.

What perplexes us more is that, nobody appears to know anything about him since he was just utilized couple of days prior and conveyed from Ondo state to continue only this last Sunday. What’s more, they just know him by his first name, or, in other words.”

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