Man Breaks Into Woman’s Home, Leaves Nude Photos on Her Phone And Chilling Note

Police in Texas are searching for a man who broke into a woman’s home and left nude photos on her phone along with a chilling note that read “I’ve been watching you.”.

The suspect broke into a Rowlett woman’s home while she was out and used her camera to take nude photos of himself before leaving behind the sinister note. Investigators with the Rowlett police said the unidentified man climbed a six-foot fence and entered the home through the woman’s unlocked bedroom window on Sept. 26, Fox News reports.

In addition to the nude photos, the intruder left behind a used condom and the chilling note, FOX4 News reported.

“What the note indicates to me is that the suspect does not know the victim,” Rowlett Police Det. Cruz Hernandez told the station. “Because the note makes a notation that is ‘I’ve been watching you.’”

The suspect took some of the woman’s personal items and police were able to recover fingerprints and DNA evidence from the scene.

“The only thing we can gather is that it’s connected to the house,” Hernandez said. “So we believe it’s possibly someone living or staying within walking distance of her home.”

Police are waiting on DNA testing results to come in and using surveillance video from around the neighborhood in hopes of identifying the suspect.

“If it is a creepy stalker person, hopefully, he’s just caught and this goes away, quickly,” Brendee Olmsted, who lives nearby, told CBS DFW.

A friend of the victim told FOX4 News the woman is shaken by the incident and hasn’t returned to the home.



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