Man Climbs Telecom Mast To Protest Against Buhari In Abuja

A 28-year-old man, Mr Nurudeen Lliyasu, has climbed a media transmission pole in Abuja, to challenge the poor economy in the nation.

The man was seen over the pole at about twelve on Wednesday at AYA, Abuja.

Notices with various engravings were seen along the AYA street and at the foot of the pole, which read: `Another trust sold out battered, ruined with fallen economy.

Others incorporate, ‘expansion and craving is executing Nigerians’, ‘joblessness proceeds with unabated’, and ‘Nigeria is on the incline of crumple’ among others.

Lliyasu said he would stay on the pole for the following seven days, adding that he was prepared to forfeit his life for the advancement of the nation.

“I am on hunger strike to protest and register my grievances on the condition of the country; I will remain here for the next seven days and I do not mind if I die here.

“If my dying on this mast will change the economy of this country, then I choose to die for others to live a good life.

“ I have not eaten for days and also other Nigerians, if I die on this mast I am not worried, no roads in the states only in the city of Abuja you can see good roads.

‘’The doctors have said that a man can survive only on water without food for some days, I believe I can and if I cannot I will die.”

Lliyasu said that there was nothing working in the country, adding that the education, health system, infrastructure are all in bad shape.

He said that he was into transport business and other businesses.

Mr Ayuba Luka, the security man in the area, told NAN that Lliyasu approached him that he wants to climb the mast he warned him against it.

“He came to me I warned him not to climb that mast, but when I left the site he sneaked in and climbed it.

“I was shocked when I came back and saw him on the topmost part of the mast, I have called my supervisor to come and take necessary action’’.



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