Man in Prison for Raping Girlfriend’s Four Nieces and Neighbour’ Daughthers

Michael Chukwuemeka Chukem

The Tibunu Magistrate Court has remanded Michael Chukwuemeka Chukem, 27, in Ikoyi Prison for ruthlessly and aeronautically assaulting four of his girlfriend nieces and a neighbor’s little girl, at the Oshodi region of Lagos.

The suspect was captured by the Adeniji Police State in Victoria Island, after one of the victims confined in her mom.

The five children were aged 11, 10, 7 (the neighbor’s little girl) 6 and 4 years.

As indicated by the rescuer and Coordinator of Ben Bruce Foundation, Miss Ore Olu-Adebiyi, who was completely on ground to observe the case, when one of the victims (the six-year-old) saw him at the court, she cried as she shuddered with fear.

“The judge rapidly brought the youngsters into his chambers for addressing and was obviously persuaded that they were not telling lies, combined with the medical report from Mirabel Center as verification,” Olu-Adebiyi said.

The therapeutic reports after examination from Mirabel Center demonstrated that the six and four-year-old young ladies were defiled through their vaginas and her rear-end, while the seven, 10 and 11-year-olds were abused through their vaginas only.

Having perused the medicinal report and the admission of the minors, the judge denied the suspect bail, along these lines remanding him at the Ikoyi Prisons pending his next court appearance.

Olu-Adebiyi included that, “outside the court, the suspect yelled at the young ladies, calling them liars; that they would all die. He likewise reviled my partner, Mary-Anne and I.

“He said we sorted out young ladies to tell lies against him. The jail superintendents forewarned him yet that was after he threatened to deal with me when he leaves jail.”

Olu-Adebiyi included, “While Chukem’s mum called one of my colleagues a liar, we brought the kids into the bus since they got startled on seeing him. The mother continues drizzling condemnations on me at whatever point we go to court.

“Not minding the gravity of crime he has committed, Chukem boldly told me that if he used his six-inches sexual organ on the girls, that they would not be able to stand up or walk for three days.”

On his part, the charged serial rapist, who was said to have done this harsh abusive act during the night while the young ladies’ folks dozed, was by and large egotistical and unrepentant even in court.

On how he was able to have all the girls, Olu-Adebiyi narrated: “One of the girlfriend’s sisters had financial challenges, so she asked her daughter (age 11) to go and stay with Chukem’s mother at Ikorodu.

“Because it was stressful for the suspect to go to Festac daily from Ikorodu, the girlfriend pleaded that he stay with her siblings at Oshodi during the week and return to Ikorodu at the weekend.”

According to the family of the victims, Chukem was sleeping in the sitting room, where the children were sleeping, too.

His alleged modus operandi was to rape the three girls plus the neighbour’s daughter during the week and then go back to Ikorodu and continue with the 11-years-old at the weekend

The case will be at the Tinubu Court on September 27 this year for hearing.

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