Man lures little girls for sex with N50 satchet custard

Man lures little girls for sex with N50 satchet custard

Residents of Coconut Street in Ebute-Ilaje, Bariga area of Lagos metropolis can heave a sigh of relief at the safety of their little girls after a serial pedophile was nabbed by the community and handed over to the police.

The suspect, 38-year-old Rotimi Abomini, was caught pants down, carrying 11-year-old Esther Olayeni (not real name) out the window of his room after allegedly defiling her.

According to Esther, Abomini poked his fingers into her private parts, inserting his penis in an attempt to have sex with her. The primary six pupil, disclosed that the suspect used to give her and her friend gifts like N50 sachet custard and milk on many occasions.

She alleged the suspect started persuading her to have sex with him after giving her the custard and milk that day. However, according to Esther, she refused because she feared her parents would know about it. But the suspect confidently assured her nobody would know, and even revealed that he has been having sex with another 11-year-old girl in the neighbourhood simply called Elizabeth, who is Esther’s friend.

“That Monday, Uncle Rotimi called me to come to his room. I wanted to go with my friend Elizabeth but I couldn’t find her so I went alone,” Esther said. “He gave me custard and milk and told me he wants me to have sex with him. He said that no one would know. He also told me that he has had sex with other little girls before me. He then started to put his finger in my private part and then brought out his penis before someone now saw us from the window and raised alarm.”

Sunday Sun further learnt that when the alleged act became known, the suspect tried to smuggle out the young girl through the window. The case was reported to Comrade Toyin Okanlawon, coordinator of the Child Protection Network (CPN), in Shomolu and Bariga axis. Together with few other civilians, he led the arrest of the suspect, who was handed over to policemen at Bariga Police Station.

Okanlawon decried the attitude of some police officers to issues of defilement of minors. “When we ran to the police station, the Juvenile Welfare Centre (JWC) officer was not around; I learnt she went out on official assignment. So the case was reported at the counter for the police to make arrest. But I was shocked that the policewoman there didn’t even react or make any effort. She appeared unperturbed at the matter. That was how we CPN, the mandated reporter and the victim’s mothers boarded a Keke Napep (commercial tricycle) to arrest the suspect to prevent him from escaping.”

He expressed sadness at the rapid rise in cases of defilement, but vowed to follow the case to its logical conclusion till when justice is served and the defiler is made to face the wrath of the law.

“The JWC officer has moved to transfer the case to the state police headquarters,” he said, adding, “Mr. Abomini is another case of a serial pedophile that took advantage of the innocence and the vulnerability of the under aged girls to sexually abuse them. Both Esther and Elizabeth are only 11-year-old girls and the suspect lures them with other girls in the neighborhood with mere custard and milk. He has been begging the girl’s mother to forgive him. But only God knows how long he has been doing this?”

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