MUSIC REVIEW: T Classic – Isabella

These guy is using what he has to craft out the kinda stuff that we desire. His vocal skill doesn’t come in the likes of the revered but he continues to find newer ways to working his magic, which eventually makes us tick.

You can easily rate T Classic as maybe an A or B list artist in Nigeria at the moment which is paving a massive wave online, street and favorite TV and Radio stations, after songs like I want You and even most recently his presence in Special Girl by Mixnaija for sure dude is talented.

The Beat was acceptable and Lyrics was definitely good, not so much jargons like what you hear in usual Nigerian songs, if he wrote this then double thumbs up for him and Delivery as expected from any good artist is definitely above Par.

But in totality the song didn’t have have that replay factor, it just felt like he could have done better in some way. Maybe with the context of the song. I appreciate the work involved in making every note of a song, but when you set the bar very high it’s expected you try not to go below it

Rating – 3/5


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