Muslims give Falz 7 days to withdraw ‘This is Nigeria’ video



The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has depicted ‘This is Nigeria’ song by Nigerian Singer, Folarin Falana, AKA, Falz the Bahd Guy, as a ‘detest video and an ambush on the self-nobility of each Muslim.’

The group in an announcement by its Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola censured the tune and the video for including a character that dressed like a Fulani man, who all of a sudden deserted his conventional guitar and decapitated a man and furthermore to portray ladies in hijab as choreographers moving the ‘shaku-shaku’.

MURIC while responding to Falz’s announcement that the young ladies were a portrayal of the kidnapped Chibok young ladies still in Boko Haram imprisonment said the artists in the video did not at all delineate the circumstance of the young ladies, saying it was negligent, unfeeling and exceptionally provocative.

As per the group, the video shows ethnic inclination against Fulanis while it overlooked the criminal exercises of ethnic state army of the Middle Belt who have additionally slaughtered Fulanis and stirred their dairy cattle in their thousands. it included that the video has stigmatized Islam, trashed Nigerian Muslims and subjected them to open abuse.

The group, in any case, required the withdrawal of the song and an expression of remorse to Nigerian Muslims.

The Statement reads in part,”The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) strongly denounces the Shaku Shaku dance video. It is thoughtless, insensitive and highly provocative. It is a hate video. It is Islamophobia nulli secundus. This video has the potential of causing religious crisi of unprecedented dimension. We therefore demand its withdrawal and an apology to Nigerian Muslims within seven days or the authors and their agents will face legal action if they fail to comply.
The video manifests ethnic bias against Fulanis while it ignored the criminal activities of ethnic militia of the Middle Belt who have also massacred Fulanis and rustled their cattles in their thousands. This video has denigrated Islam, demonized Nigerian Muslims and subjected them to public opprobium.

“MURIC rejects Falz’ clarification that the young ladies in hijab in his ‘Shaku’ move symbolize the Chibok young ladies since nothing in the video shows that the young ladies speak to the Chibok young ladies. In any event none of the Chibok young ladies have been seen moving like a lush. They are dependably in meditative inclination. Do they have any reason to move? It is safe to say that they are upbeat? This video is the most wretched, accursed and tricky Islam-bashing in ongoing time.

”We call the attention of security agencies to this hate action. The tragedy facing modern societies all over the world is their criminal complicity in Islam-bashing and their hypocritical accusation of Muslims of terrorism and religious violence. On the contrary, terrorism is mere smoke. Provocation, derision and injustice are the fires which cause terrorism. We reiterate our pontification that it is naïve for a fire fighter to ignore the fire and turn his hose at the smoke. The world is treating symptoms, leaving the real ailment to fester.

”We condemn violence and all acts of terrorism. But we do not share the opinion that freedom of expression can go to any length. Even Pope Francis has warned people not to insult the faith of others. He said, “It is normal. You cannot provoke. You cannot insult the faiths of others. You cannot make fun of the faiths of others. Freedom of speech and expression are fundamental human rights. However, there should be a limit to offending and ridiculing the faiths and beliefs of others.”

“MURIC cautions Nigerian artistes to quit giving Muslim names to evil and modest characters. We advance to Muslims everywhere throughout the nation to calm down. Give us a chance to embrace an edified way to deal with ‘Shaku’ and show operators provocateur a few lessons in regard for human sentiments. Rather than going brutal, Nigerian Muslims should take those behind the ‘Shaku’ video to court keeping in mind the end goal to fill in as an impediment to others.

“We hence pull out of approaching lawful activity against the craftsman behind the ‘Shaku’ video unless the last is pulled back and a statement of regret is broadly distributed inside seven days.”

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