Nurudeen Abass Blinkz Ghanaian Actor Murdered At kumasi by Master wife’s brother While Settling Fight

Nurudeen Abass Blinks

Nurudeen Abass Blinks Ghanian Actor  was murdered by Master wife’s brother while settling fight. The fast rising Ghanian based actor Nurudeen Abass has been pronounced dead.

The actor who is very popular in Kumasi area of Ghana Nurudeen Abass  Blinkz was sabbed to death last night at Akurem area while he was trying to resolve fight between his Master’s wife and her brother.

According to the police Nurudeen Abass Blinkz who works with the transportation film industry visited his home last night at 10:30pm where he was found resolving fight between his Master’s wife and her brother.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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