See What Is Happening To The Nigerian Pastor Whose S*x Video Went Viral

Chris Omatsola

Nigerian Pastor, Apostle Chris Omatsola, who has been enmeshed in a viral s*x video scandal has migrated his church following dangers that trailed the arrival of the clip.

Newsmen visited his church at Lekki and Ajah territories of Lagos on Sunday, and saw that no one turned up for love as it was assembled that the new area of his service was just known to center individuals.

Review that that the Presiding Pastor of Zion Wealth of Life Assembly in the Lekki region of Lagos State, Apostle Chris Omatsola, and his previous sweetheart, Tamara tokoni Okpe, conflicted over a sex video that was spilled on the Internet.

While Okpe, who hails from Delta State, blamed the Nigerian Pastor for discharging the video to constrain her into marriage with him, the minister disclosed to PUNCH Metro that the video was spilled to extort him. Okpe, in her record of the episode, said the minister had debilitated to release the video after she quit the relationship.

“I met Apostle Chris Kevwe Omatsola, the founder and pastor of Zionwealth of Life Assembly (Zola) in Lekki, Lagos, and we started dating in February 2018. It quickly escalated to a sexual relationship and when we had sex the first time, he told me that we should make it right by getting married. We continued our romance and one of the things we did together was recording videos and taking pictures of our intimacy.

“I informed my mum about a guy coming for my hand in marriage and she said she was going to pray about it. Everything was rosy until he became violent and constantly beat me up till I bled. He came begging after each episode and I forgave him.”

“In August, I called off the relationship and I was surprised that he accepted it in good faith initially, given his penchant for violence.

“Sometime in August, he asked that we meet to talk on platonic grounds. During the meeting, he became hostile when he realised that I was no longer interested in him. He also refused to drop me off at home. He beat me up, seized my phone, forced me to unlock it and retrieved contacts from it just to track who I was seeing.

“That was the final straw for me; so I never saw him again till September when he showed up at my place, crying and begging. I refused to fall for his tricks and there was no further communication from both sides till sometime early October when he apologised again.

“On October 13, he contacted me with an anonymous number via WhatsApp with pictures, videos and threat messages, saying if I did not come back to him, he was going to release everything,” she added.

“He said now that my pictures and videos were out there, no man would want to look my way again; that it was best we got married.

“After the arrest, in the presence of his dad, he confessed to releasing the pictures and video. He apologised to me, my family, his family and the public. This was recorded on October 19, 2018, and I am in possession of the video. He even accepted to pay damages,” she said.

“I was wrong to have been involved in premarital sex with a pastor. I was wrong to have allowed him persuade me to record our intimate moments. I have been fielding questions from my colleagues. I hope that this will pass soon,” she added.


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