Shayzar- Kumasi Vibe

‘Money Order, Cc number, all my guys just dey para for the mulla, anytime the Raba enter’. These are the lines that serenade you at the bridge of the Syn X produced track. Kumasi Vibe is one of Shayzar’s most artistic effort, with little ad-libs, zero auto tune with a trappy delivery at the bridge of the song. Found out to be a crowd favorite after test-run performances of the song at Felabration 2017, OLIC4, Unknot your tie Comedy Club with OmoBaba. Kumasi Vibe is a tune infused with Afro Trap beats delivery, EDM chants, in a Ghana highlife type beat, with a strong message of hustle, disappointments in disguise, blessings, and happy ever after feels… This would go on to be a strong hustler Anthem in the future… Download or stream for your listening pleasure

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