”Stop ‘glorifying thieves’’ President Buhari appeals to Nigerians

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President Buhari has appealed to Nigerians to quit glorifying thieves in the general public. In his Sallah message to check the finish of the Ramadan fast, President Buhari said criminals in the general public must be treated with despise for conveying hardships to others.

”Selfishness and greed have overcome people’s conscience so much that they don’t have moral inhibitions in the pursuit of their greed. I always wonder why any true believer, be they politicians, civil servants or businessmen, would seek to make profits from the misfortunes of others”he said

While saluting Muslims on the consummation of their fast, President Buhari asked them to think about the significance of Ramadan in ending up great envoys of Islam constantly.

President Buhari urged religious pioneers to dependably appeal to God for peace and solidarity in the nation and abstain from making fiery articulations that jeopardize peace or advance clashes.

The President likewise spoke to kindred subjects to pardon each other and grasp peace.

In this regard, President Buhari commended the groups of beneficiaries of national respects for indicating great cases to Nigerians and encouraged our nation people to duplicate their great examples.

He expressed gratitude toward Nigerians for their understanding and guaranteed that their penances won’t be futile, including that changing a nation that was pushed into close rot because of debasement accompanies getting teeth torments.

“But these pains are temporary, the APC administration which I am privileged to lead, is beholden to the ordinary Nigerians and will leave no stone unturned to make their security, welfare and happiness our priority”, the President further reassured.

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