Suspects confess why they raped 15-year-old girl

Agaezichi Ogbonna

The Police in Lagos have captured a three-part clique posse threatening occupants of Ajangbadi in Ojo territory of Lagos.

The suspects, Ibeji Chukwuemeka, 21, Caleb Isaac, 21, and Paul Ehimika, 23, were captured for professedly alternating to rape a 15-year-old young lady.

In their confession booth articulation, Ibeji stated: “We know the young lady since she lives in our general vicinity. I have been making goes at her for a long while now however she imagined as though she didn’t get the flag.

“Its irritating part was that we see her in organization of different young men from other region. Along these lines, one day I talked about my disappointment with my companions who prompted me on what to do.

“Every one of the traps they gave me didn’t succeed. It was one Saturday while walking around the zone that assaulting her came me.

“We concurred that the main way we can mortify her is to alternate in raping her. Having concurred on this, we went out to scout for a conceivable place where we can do our errand

“On that game changing day around 4.30pm, we located her coming. We chose to take after her and, it just so happens, she headed towards the desolate spot where the uncompleted house is found.

“We at that point cornered her and constrained her into the building. We tied Paul’s tissue around her face. We did it twice before we enabled her to go.”

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal, who paraded the suspects, said in opposition to the cases that they assaulted the casualty in an uncompleted building, the demonstration occurred in their room at number 52, Jagua Street, Itakete Imude in Ajangbadi.

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