TOO GOOD TO BE CAUGHT – ​MAKING UP A BOYFRIEND is nothing new for me,lieing felt good, I’ll come right out and admit that, some people go window shopping for things they could never afford, Some look at online photos of resorts they’ll never visit, and some people imagine that they meet a really charming guy, tall, regardless of his skin color,who also has nice dentition, with the perfect dimples,chiseled chest, that will absolutely sweep them off their feet, when in fact they don’t.


My name is Sade Adewuyi, i am 23 years, the only surviving child of engineer Adewuyi Balogun,and a fresh year student of the university of Lagos,  from the department of mass communication.

Talking about the only surviving child, I lost my two sisters at 5,they died from a ghastly motor accident that took their life and the driver, on their way back from school, the car was hit by a trailer.


It’s been difficult growing up without siblings, and very challenging as the only child, my mother never takes her eyes off me, she blames her self till now for their death.


My daddy is so tired of her self ignominy, my mother’s misfortune made her a die-hard Christ apostolic church member, for fifteen years it has been a routine, church every tuesday,thursday,friday and Saturday’s choir practice, then the regular Sunday service.

Getting admission into unilag was the worst thing that ever happened to me, my paranoid mother’s idea though, I live in Lagos which means i was so under my parents radar, but I made up my mind to get the best out of it.


I have always dreamt of having a perfect Prince charming which never came, I grew up thinking i was unlikable and unlucky with cute guys, this lead me to self discovery, I ended up imagining and making up a perfect guy, and the first time I ever did was at 19.


Back then in secondary school, going out with a boy only meant that he might acknowledge you while passing in the school corridor but still, it was a status symbol, and one which I lacked, in ss2 i had an older, rich and beautiful class mate by name iseoma, she was bursty and was too fond of bragging about seniors and prefects she’s dated and kissed, she called us little and low class seniors,

The thing used to pain me well eh! I always wished God will just take away the whole breast and bum- bum, shebi he said he doesn’t even like pride right? I prayed everyday for a miracle, suddenly without a lot of forethought, I found myself saying that i too, started dating someone last weekend, a senior from another school that i’ve known for a long time, Iseoma immediately turned to me with sharp and sudden interest,and I found myself talking about a SS3 student ,a nerd who was really cute, smart and polite, also his family owned a big shopping complex at ikoyi, and that his sister really liked me.


Surely some of we lady’s have come up with a boy like that, Right?

What was the harm in believing almost that somewhere out there, counterbalancing iseoma’s big- shot- prefects types was a boy like nerdy jide, It was almost like believing in God—you had to, because what was the alternative?

Iseoma and the other girls bought it, peppered me with questions, looked at me with new respect, of course, by then I was forced to share the sad news that jide’s father died, and the family moved to abuja , taking my Prince, midnight Sun with them.


Maybe iseoma and the rest of the kids in my class guessed the truth, but I found I didn’t really mind. Imagining Jide had really felt great, actually .


  1. Lolz quite interesting.. You girls kinda have fun having an imaginary guy you bragged about. Though guys did a little of it too… Cute write up by the way..keep it up love 😘

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