United Kingdom Appoints Minister For Suicide Prevention In Order To Reduce Suicide Incidents

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May has named the first historically Minister for Suicide Prevention committed to decreasing suicide across the nation over.

The PM prompted junior health monister Jackie Doyle-Price and swore £1.8million to support The Samaritans helpline for a long time.

Mrs May said her nominee would lead a taskforce, introduce suicide prevention plans across the nation and work with victims families and foundations.

To mark World Mental Health Day, the PM said:

“We aren’t ­looking after our health if we aren’t looking after our mental health. We need true parity between physical and mental health.”

Ms Doyle-Price said more must be done to tackle the “stigma” people with mental ill health face – and ensure they feel they can “reach out for help”.

“It all looks like the nation has not taken any action to stop the rampant cases of suicide we witness on a daily basis. We need to take conscious effort to address this and ensure people that suffer from ill-health have access to quick help” Doyle-Price said


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