Welcome yet again to another segment of WORLD MEETS MEDIA. Today we are bringing in one of Nigeria’s
finest DJ Xbabz.

Interviewer: Welcome DJ Xbabz To 69Gist.
DJ Xbabz : Good to be here thanks for having me

Interviewer: Thank You Please DJ Xbabz what’s Your Real Name?
DJ Xbabz: My real names are Shoneye Babatunde

Interviewer: Is it ok if I call you Xbabz?
DJ Xbabz: Yeah very much okay to call me Xbabz

Interviewer: So Xbabz tell us when did you start DJing and what Inspired you into becoming a
DJ Xbabz: I started Djing 2007 before I got admission into the lagos state polytechnic 08/09
academic session. What Inspired me into Djing? Hmm at first it was all for fun and the love
for music what Inspired me most is the love and happiness audience’s face I LOVE TO

Interviewer: Can You Just Give Us A Brief Summary On The Journey So Far In The
Entertainment Industry?
DJ Xbabz: After my OND I got a freelance Djing job on radio Choice Fm 103.5 now known as
  Radio-oneFm for 2 years. 2015 I got to meet a presenter at planet radio tv Stevenator , he
introduced me to the content manager of Planet Radio TV I brought up an idea to shoot a rap
battle called Barz which i was the official DJ for the show 3months after the Barz I was
employed as an In House Official DJ for Planet Radio TV Lagos Nigeria

Interviewer: Have you Ever thought of doing a collaboration with an Artist to show the extended
part of DJing?
DJ Xbabz: Yeah not just an artist but one with good rhythm ..I am a huge fan of Good music
and I can tell if a song is worth listening to.

Interviewer: What projects you are currently working and Which project is going to be released
first in the coming weeks or Months?
DJ Xbabz: i am currently working on major music projects ,exclusive Mix-tapes and other
stuff best known to me for now ..I wouldn’t want to spill just yet. It would come like a bomb
explosion. Lol

Interviewer: What do you do when you are not working?
DJ Xbabz: When I’m not working it’s either i listen to music *it calms my nerves* or i visit
the studio to listen to artists do their thing or go to the football pitch to play soccer *it’s one of
my hobbies *

Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in the competition and what’s your aspiration within
now and next 3 years?
DJ Xbabz: I see myself alive and healthy firstly in the next 3 years being among the A list Disc
jockey’s in the country

                                                                            IG/TWITTER/Facebook: @deejayxbabz

                                 Bookings/Enquiries: Ogusanmi +2348137107068

Interviewer: If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be up to right now?
DJ Xbabz: if I wasn’t a DJ I would probably be a footballer. .playing football is my hobby. .I’m
pretty sure I would have been better than Cristiano Ronaldo by

Interviewer: Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of this job?
DJ Xbabz: Day to Day activities you need to be ready at anytime and get your songs up to date
be sure of what the people want

Interviewer: What are the challenges you face in this area of the entertainment sector?
DJ Xbabz: One big challenge we face in the industry is we get to perform for hours even more
than the live band artists but still earn little
Artists still don’t give DJ’s proper recognition they forget that as an artist the DJ is one very
key factor to his/her career

Interviewer: So is Xbabz dating or he is single and ready to mingle or is he just focused in
making an iconic name for himself at the moment?
DJ Xbabz: Xbabz needs to build his future first ,he needs to focus on making an iconic name
for now..going into a relationship now is not his major priority at the moment .

Interviewer: What kinds of women do you like or would always catch your attention?
DJ Xbabz: I love independent women, intelligent women who strive hard to become somebody
in life. I detest lazy women who depend on their spouses for everything.

Interviewer: I never had a doubt about that answer so regarding that what’s your take on the
prominence of b**bs, butts and indecency in the entertainment industry?
DJ Xbabz: I don’t think showing off Boobs and butts is indecency been decent is way more
than covering up

Interviewer: Any female celebrity in the industry you have a thing for or you would love to work
with and Why?
DJ Xbabz: I would like to work with few female celebrities in the industry ..Niniola and Tiwa
Savage, why because they have confidence,they are unique,versatile, vibrant and intelligent.

Interviewer: Thank you DJ Xbabz for giving us the audience and making yourself available
DJ Xbabz : Thanks for having me too. God bless.


IG/TWITTER/Facebook: @deejayxbabz

Bookings/Enquiries: Ogusanmi +2348137107068


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